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Daytime Classes

Interested in Monday Lunchtime Bellydance Classes? Mark your calendars!! Beginning Monday, May 21, we will begin offering 12:00 Level 1 Tribal Moves and Jam and 1:15 Level 2 Moves and Jam. These classes will be drop-in classes offered in 6 week sessions based on interest. The dates for the first session are set and will run May 21 – June 25. Come jump right in and start your week off dancing!

Keep an eye on the calendar for scheduled session dates. If you want to ensure sessions continue to be scheduled regularly, without interruptions, contact us and let us know you plan on attending the Monday Lunchtime Classes – and which one(s) and date(s). 

Studio Open House!

We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be having an open house at our studio in the Unified Training Center on Saturday, April 28. Check it out!

Even if you aren’t interested in the workshops, we’d love to see you. We’ll be hanging out, jamming, shopping, and other fun stuff!

Click here to listen to more information! Open House Promo

Want to help? Hang a flier! OpenHouseFlier

Class Schedule Change!

Wednesday night classes at the Unified Training Center are moving to Monday nights (same location), starting next week!  Hope to see you around!

Level 2 Tribal Moves & Jam @ 6:30
Belly Dance Technique @ 7:35

Sharon Kihara Intensive Weekend – OF DOOM!

Julia and I (Heather) recently attended an intensive with Sharon Kihara down in Pembroke Pines. The event lasted from Thursday to Sunday, with workshops every day, as well as a welcome dinner Friday night and a show at the studio on Saturday evening.

Some highlights:
* 4-6 hours a day of workshops will warp your brain.
* No where that we went served cider.
* The parking garage at the hotel was super cramped.
* Jason scraped a concrete pole in said garage on our way to dance in the show.
* I scraped a car in the same garage the next morning on our way to the last day of classes. (The good news is that they still haven’t called for our insurance information – maybe they thought the scratch was so small that it wasn’t worth it.)
* Sharon Kihara is a lovely and wonderful person, and a very excellent dancer, not to mention beautiful on top of all that.

Other thoughts:
* I’ve found myself inspired to spend more time on conditioning (which I hate) as a result of these workshops. Don’t underestimate how strong many dancers are – they just look dainty. Sharon’s warm ups and conditioning were killer!
* I also love how glittery Sharon’s costumes have been the last several times I’ve looked. She’s an inspiration for bringing that awesome sparkly flavor into your fusion costuming.
* I liked a lot of the angles, turns,  and direction changes in the choreographies and combos we learned – I can’t wait to incorporate that into my own practice.
* Sharon’s workshops were not a walk in the park, physically or mentally, but I would do them again in an instant.
* I love that Sharon is tall, like me. So many of the teachers I have met are very petite, and it was just neat to be at eye level with one another.

Oh, and I have video from our performance at the show! I’ll have to post that later.

Special Topics Classes

We previously have held pre-registered small group classes on Thursday evenings at 6 pm.  These have been fun, but they’ve required students to commit to and pay for the entire course up front or by payment arrangement, and we thought that might have prevented some interested folks from being able to participate.

So, for 2012, we’ve changed things up a bit!  We’re still going to have a small group class at 6 pm on Thursdays, and it’s still going to focus on special topics, but it’s going to be a drop-in class!

We’ll go through various topics (in segments of 2-6 weeks, depending on the topic and other factors).  Please see the event calendar to see what topic is going at any given time – I’ve just put up the proposed schedule for all of 2012!  There are a lot of great things – veil, tribal improv with balanced props, tribal improv with fire props, zills, shimmies – all kinds of fun stuff!

The class size will still be kept at 6 people or fewer (if we are blessed with a crowd, we’ll split the special topics into multiple classes), and the price will stay comparable to our small group focused courses.  The big differences are that you can drop in on single classes, you don’t have to pay in advance, and you can use your class card (which means you get to take advantage of bulk discounts on class cards).

Special topics classes that involve fire will be $20 per (or 2 punches on your class card).  In addition to the small class size and dual instructor format, we will be providing props to borrow if you don’t have your own, an outdoor space for lit practice during class (once enough material is covered), as well as fuel and safety equipment/monitoring.  The class is also just a smidge longer to allow time for preparing and cooling down props, etc.

Special topics classes that do not involve fire will be $15 per (or 1.5 punches on your class card).  These will have the usual small class size and dual instructor format.  There will be props to borrow if you don’t have your own for veil, basket, and zill classes.

The special topics classes also include performance opportunities at our monthly student showcase at Satchel’s, and at haflas held at the studio.

We are excited about the new opportunity to study special topics on a drop-in basis, and hope to see you there!

New Small Group Class Starting Soon! Soloing Basics

We are happy to announce that a new small group class (capped at 6 students) is going to be starting in Gainesville, FL on Oct 6!  The course will be 6 weeks long, with classes on Thursdays from 6-7 pm.

This course will give students instruction and practice time on various concepts important to dancing solos, relating to transitions, musicality, use of space, and more.  The information will be presented within the context of dancing short solos within the tribal group dance framework, however the information will be useful for planning longer solos as well.

To see the syllabus for this course, go here.

The registration fee for the course is $90, which may be paid by cash, check or paypal.  (Payment arrangements are available.)  To register for the course, please use the contact link to send us a note!

Our Visit to a Local Girl Scout Troop

Last Friday we had the honor of visiting a local girl scout troop meeting here in Gainesville, Florida to provide a short introductory lesson in Tribal Belly Dance, and give a mini-show.  We had a group of about 10 people, some members of the troop and a few of their mothers, and together we went through a 30 minute lesson.

The girl scouts joined us for a group photo after the lesson!

During the lesson the students warm up, learn some basic isolations, and then learn 2 tribal belly dance moves.  These moves are taught with their associated cues, and practiced briefly as a group.  After both moves are covered, the students get a chance to try them out in the tribal improvised dance format when the instructors lead a short dance using the moves and isolations covered in the lesson.

After the lesson was completed, there was a brief question and answer session, and Julia and I (Heather) gave a very short performance in order to demonstrate how the larger vocabulary of tribal belly dance moves are used to create an improvised group dance.  We had a great time!

A quick pose during the mini-show.

We have a really fun weekend ahead of us!  This Saturday (9/17) we’ll be hosting a workshop – Super-Basic Introduction to Belly Dancing with Fire – and a Hafla!

The Workshop

The workshop will introduce torch adaptations for a small collection of tribal belly dance moves, that will allow students to give the torches a try during the hafla after the workshop if they are interested and ready.

There will also be a primer on fire safety and basic considerations for using the torches. We’ll even have a few pairs of spare torches (from our weekly fire class) available to share during the workshop and at the hafla so that everyone can have a chance to try them! (with supervision, of course)

For more information about the workshop, check out the Facebook event listing:

The Hafla

The party is really the fun part!  This is our second hafla, and we hope that folks had such a good time last time, that we get even more folks this time (especially since the weather is a little cooler now).  The students from the Intro to Fire – FIRE PALMS – Level 1 course that is just finishing up will have an opportunity to show their friends and family what they’ve been working on.

In addition to that, students from the workshop earlier that day will get a chance to try the torches out in a supervised environment.  Julia and Heather will be performing, and we’ll hopefully have a guest performer or two as well!

For more information on the hafla, see the Facebook event listing here:

And remember, if you are interested in lighting up at the hafla, for safety reasons please wear clothing made of natural fibers (such as cotton) and have your hair pulled up and off the face. (Polyester melts and loose hair is risky! Safety first!)