Handouts from individual classes will be posted as blog entries as they become available.

This page will provide links to other materials such as student handbooks, and lists of the movement vocabulary for each level in the Shambling Shimmies Tribal Format as well as for general belly dance.

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Tribal Movement Vocabulary

Student Handbooks

Level 1 Student Handbooks

Practice Loops

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The MP3 practice loops are available for students to practice rhythm recognition and zilling.  (Zilling to lots of different songs and switching up patterns is recommended, but these loops may help you get started as they provide something to play along with.)  In Level 2 students are required to practice zilling. There are Andante and Allegro tracks with drums only, or drums and zills.  There is also a sample track with Karsilama 9/8 – Level 2 students need to recognize this rhythm, but do not yet need to have expertise zilling or dancing with it.

In addition to knowing the movement vocabulary, dancers seeking to move from level 2 to level 3 must be able to:

  • DANCE all L1 fast moves and ZILL gallop pattern with them at the ALLEGRO tempo
  • DANCE all L2 fast moves and ZILL their given patterns with them at the ANDANTE tempo
  • WALK and ZILL all L2 patterns at the ALLEGRO temp
  • Be familiar with the Rhythms listed below.

Andante is given at 92 BPM and Allegro at 130 BPM


  • Quarter Notes
  • Eighth Notes
  • Gallop/Longa on Downbeat
  • Gallop/Longa on Upbeat
  • 3-7-3
  • Arabic Chest Drop Pattern
  • 5’s
  • 3-11
  • 3-5-1-3
  • 3-3-7


  • Balady 4/4
  • Maqsoum 4/4
  • Masmoudi 8/4
  • Chiftitelli 8/4
  • Ayoub 2/4
  • Saidi 4/4
  • Malfuf 2/4
  • Khaleegi 2/4