Interested in learning more about Belly Dance?  Join us for class!  We have classes in multiple facets and stylizations of belly dance, as well as yoga and conditioning.  (See the Drop-In Classes section below for more detailed descriptions and a link to the current class and event schedule.)

Class Pricing

  • Drop-In Classes: (Tuesday Nights)
    • Single classes are $10 or 1 card punch unless noted otherwise on the calendar.
    • 6 class cards are $50 and do not expire.
    • 12 class cards are $80 and do not expire.
  • Pre-registered Courses: (Wednesday Nights)
    • Covers specified topics or choreographies that are cumulative and need to be committed to in advance in order to run the course.
    • Price varies based on content and length of course.
    • Upcoming courses will typically be mentioned on the blog, and/or on our page on Facebook (or you can always contact us to ask what’s coming up next!).

What to Wear and Bring

  • Water (please no containers that do not seal)
  • Comfy, fitted top that you can move easily in (you don’t have to show your belly if you don’t want to, but tops should not be baggy or obstruct the view of torso isolations and alignment)
  • Comfy pants or shorts that you can move easily in, preferably something that is not baggy through the hips and thighs and does not obscure leg positioning.
  • Your clothing or accessories should provide a visible horizontal line across your high hip and rib cage – this will allow the instructor(s) and you to see your movements more clearly.  (A scarf or tassel belt around the hips and a layered half-top or shrug are nice options for this, however a strip of elastic, which we have available for use in the studio, in a contrasting color from your clothing works fine also.)
  • Socks, dance shoes, or bare feet, depending on personal preference.
  • Zills, if you have them  (we keep a few pairs available for students to borrow during class as needed – optional for introductory level students, but will be required to advance to more complex material)
We have links to online sources for practice and performance wear as well as some examples here.

Drop-In and Preregistered Classes

Ongoing drop-in classes do not require preregistration – you can join in at any time that you are available.  Class cards and unlimited passes may be used to pay for any of our drop-in classes.  Drop-In classes are generally appropriate for beginner to advanced students, with progressions offered for those interested in additional challenges.

Pre-registered courses have set start and end dates, cover specific content, and require students to sign up and pay for the course in advance.  Once a minimum number of students have enrolled, the course will be held.  If a course is already running, dropping in may be appropriate, depending upon the material covered – please contact us if there is an active course you are interested in joining.

Classes will note whether they are drop-in or preregistered on the studio calendar.

Dress rehearsal in class on the night of our monthly student showcase at Satchel’s


Private Classes

We do offer classes that are private (one on one), semi-private (maximum of 3 students), and small group (3-6 students).  These must be preregistered (contact us to schedule a time for you or your group).  You may schedule a single lesson (a good activity for a party or community event), or a course with multiple lessons (good for social groups that meet regularly).

Use the contact form to tell us about the event or group you’d like lessons for.

Photo by Rebecca Astorga


  • Private (1): $40/hour
  • Semi-Private (2-3): $60/hour
  • Small Group(4-6): $75/hour