If you are looking for the music you’ve heard in our classes, workshops, and shows, this is the place. We’ll attempt to keep track of our favorites and provide you with links for where to go to obtain the songs for yourself. Songs/Albums are listed by artist, with a vague alphabetical grouping.

These are artists that we enjoy and admire, and listen to a lot. We hope you enjoy them too and lend them your support so that they can continue to make awesome tunes for all of us to dance to.

We’ll continue adding more as we get the opportunity to do so. If you hear us play a song that you particularly like, ask us about it and we’ll get it added here.

Saad Alsoghayar


Balkan Beat Box

Beats Antique

Amr Diab

Paul Dinletir

Said Mrad

Suhaila Albums
Slavic Soul Party

The Toids


Compilation Albums