Last Friday we had the honor of visiting a local girl scout troop meeting here in Gainesville, Florida to provide a short introductory lesson in Tribal Belly Dance, and give a mini-show.  We had a group of about 10 people, some members of the troop and a few of their mothers, and together we went through a 30 minute lesson.

The girl scouts joined us for a group photo after the lesson!

During the lesson the students warm up, learn some basic isolations, and then learn 2 tribal belly dance moves.  These moves are taught with their associated cues, and practiced briefly as a group.  After both moves are covered, the students get a chance to try them out in the tribal improvised dance format when the instructors lead a short dance using the moves and isolations covered in the lesson.

After the lesson was completed, there was a brief question and answer session, and Julia and I (Heather) gave a very short performance in order to demonstrate how the larger vocabulary of tribal belly dance moves are used to create an improvised group dance.  We had a great time!

A quick pose during the mini-show.