Level 1 Tribal Moves: Body Roll, Arabic  (Level 1 Tribal Moves and Jam)

Level 2 Tribal Moves: Spanish Turn, Slink Forward/Drop Back  (Level 2 Tribal Moves and Jam)

Formation Focus: Basic Formation/Chorus (Level 1 Tribal Moves and Jam)

Upper Body Technique: 3/4 Shoulder Pushes / Shimmies (Bellydance Technique)

Lower Body Technique: 3/4s (L1 – Ups, L2 – Varying Timing and Downbeats) (Bellydance Technique)

Footwork: Turkish (Bellydance Technique)

Dance Basics: Rond de Jambe

Zill Pattern: Gallop(Longa), RLR, L1 – on Downbeat (try Upbeat for a challenge), L2 – Downbeat 8 counts, Upbeat 8 counts, repeat

Rhythm to Know: Baladi ( D D _ T D _ T _ )

Dancers to Know: Artemis Mourat, Eva Cernik

Current Special Topic: Tribal Basket Dancing (L2 Props Intro – Basket – Special Topics Class)


Class names following topics will be specifically covering those topics this week.  See the class calendar for scheduled times and days.  

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