Basic Cue: Turn to left side – feet in cat/showgirl stance, arms in 5th.  Begin move slowly (right arm to side, left arm forward starts the move).


  • Stance changes – rather than staying in cat stance the whole time, the move can be enlarged by taking the right leg forward into a lunge during the reach portion of the move and straightening it up into a tendu front during the arch back.
  • The movement can be enlarged even further by beginning with the same right leg forward lunge during the reach portion and then bringing the right foot back so the left foot is in a tendu front during the arch back portion.
  • For these variations just make sure you are moving slowly and purposefully through the positions so followers can see that where you are going.
  • If you are following you should be able to tell quickly if the leader is staying in place, moving forward, or moving backward, and you will – from that – know what position to move to.


Basic Cue: body turns 45 degree angle to audience to begin exaggerated beginning Arabic step, arms shoot straight out to sides flat to audience – with palms up.


  • Arm variation:
    • Arms can also be in 1st position – when in this position, the move should generally  be slightly smaller and more contained.  This is also the position that the arms MUST be in for 1/4 turns to be cued.
  • Turns:
    • 1/4 turns: Begin w/ arm variation in 1st position – then cue w/ head turn (most often to left  – the 1/4 turn to the right is possible, but much less natural feeling) these turns will be (as named) quarter turns – one turn to each side and end back in the starting position.
    • 1/2 turns: begin w/ arm variation in 2nd position (standard arms) – then cue with BOTH a ‘yip’ during the Arabic portion of the move and the right arm folding across the body during the Hip Twist portion of the move.  There will be 2 full rotations of ½ turns (to the left) – during the 1/4 turns the arms fold in more than usual like they do for the cue – and then return to the starting position
  • Traveling / Circle: This move is frequently used to move into the circle and as a traveling move around the circle.
    • To cue into a circle from formation do a half turn to the RIGHT – WITHOUT cueing.  The formation should NOT follow you in the turn, rather, everyone should hold/pause/back up slightly, make eye contact, and then the leader should gesture to begin again in the circle on the next downbeat.
    • When traveling, the right foot should cross over farther than usual during the Arabic portion of the move and during the hip twist portion of the move the right foot will either move just right next to the left foot (not going out as far as usual) or if you need further/faster movement, it can actually cross behind much like a grapevine.
    • iWhen this step is being used for the circle it signifies that it is ok to cross the circle in pairs w/ Arabic. (while people are crossing, the circle will STOP moving until they rejoin on the opposite sides).