See last week’s handout here.

Choo Choo

Basic Cue:  Body turns right side toward audience, arms in 3rd, head facing audience.  Make the first hip up obvious.


  • Traveling:
    • Right arm should point toward the intended direction of travel.
    • Elongate arms and flip palms over slightly to cue for travel to begin.
    • Similar cue to stop travel.
    • To go backwards bring left arm down into 2nd position to start and back up into 3rd position to stop.
  • Turning:
    • Cue with head turn.
    • For right turn bring right arm into 4th position.
    • For left turn bring either right arm forward into 4th or switch both arms arms into left facing 4th (right arm up, left arm forward).
    • This is a gradual turn – the lead passes around the formation for timing.