Basic Cue:

  • Body twists slightly towards stage right (Left side towards audience – head still facing over left shoulder), right leg bends up on toe, right hand pulls up as if pulling leg by a string, left hand down behind left hip similar to hipwork position. Move begins on next downbeat going to the right.


  • Turn:
    • Cue – when move completes a cycle and prepares to go right again (positioned in basic cue position again) turn head over right shoulder instead of left shoulder.
    • 1/4 turns – move completes full cycle to right and left facing all 4 sides.
    • Lead passes around formation for timing and body angles.


(see Maya / Choo Choo Handout for Basic Cue and other Variations for Choo Choo)


  • Left arm (originally in 5th position) comes down to meet right arm and both hands gesture out towards audience.


  • From here, both hands come to right hip and stay there as you do a gradual turn around to the left – lead passing around the formation for timing and body angles.
  • As you return to the original position the arms arc around making a full circle through the left, overhead and back into original choo choo position (left arm stops in 5th, right arm continues down into second).
  • Follow original lead for timing – this should begin once the original lead can be seen again.


  • The move can end after the arc turn, but commonly is followed by one or two regular choo choo turns to the right.
  • These are not assumed and must be cued as usual with a head turn each time.
  • The arc turn can be followed by another arc turn, any number of turns to the right, turns to the left or no turns at all.