We’re very happy to announce that Lacey Sanchez will be joining us in Gainesville, Florida at the Shambling Shimmies Studio for a weekend intensive!  Sign up and buy your tickets online HERE.  You can also check out the Facebook Event Invite HERE.

VIP passes (includes admission to all workshops and the hafla) are $175 if you preregister.  This will be an intimate intensive and attendance will be very limited – get your spot today before spots sell out!  See class descriptions after the photo:


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ins Outs & Omis (10am – 12pm)
This workshop is designed to give you an intimate look at what makes Tribal Fusion so exciting. We will analyze proper posture and foundational techniques. We will break down those amazing tricks, pops, locks, and snakey bone defying moves that are distinctly tribal. We will also cover my fun smooshing combos as well as performance concepts! Beginners are welcome.

***The Gainesville Shimmy Mob event will be taking place during the midday break. We’ll be organizing a carpool caravan from the studio. Visit http://www.shimmymob.com/ to learn more and register.***

Stackable Layers (2pm – 4pm)
Every advanced dancer reaches for the goal of successfully layering multiple movements together. In this class we learn techniques to “trick” the brain so that layering becomes smoother as well as techniques to execute layers with more ease.

Slow & Slinky Combos (4pm – 6pm)
One stylistic element of Tribal Fusion is undoubtedly the snakelike serpentine movements that make us all drop our jaws. In this class learn the signature moves that we all love in an easy to follow broken down format that will have you slithering out the door.

There is an evening hafla in the upstairs area of Sharab Lounge downtown from 9pm to 11pm.  Admission is included for workshop participants, and shimmy mob participants that wear (or show) their official shimmy mob T-shirt. For others, a small donation to Peaceful Paths (the local Shimmy Mob partner) would be very much appreciated.  See the details in the Facebook Event HERE.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Industrial Elements (1:30pm – 3:30pm)
Tribal Fusion borrows from underground club, trance, and hip hop. In this class students will learn how to utilize their technique in such a way that makes their movements look mechanical and otherworldly.

Performance Concepts (3:30pm – 5:30pm)
This class will focus on performance aspects including stage presence, Door vs. Window technique, storytelling, being the visual and how to effectively use your stage whether in a group or solo performance.