Dueling formations is a Level 2 formation concept.



From Formation: Long Yip, Head turn to R. and leader begins moving to R.

  • Response: Other front row dancer moves to L. and both turn towards each other, line up and move back a couple of steps towards back row.  Back row dancers turn towards center, move forward and apart if necessary and line up behind their respective new leaders facing center.

From Chorus: Dancer comes out of chorus and gives a long yip as she gestures to another dancer to ‘duel’ with.

  • Response: The two dancers take their positions as leads of the dueling formations.  Any other dancers from chorus are free to come out and join behind the formations – attempting to keep the formations even.


During Dueling Formations, the 2 leaders are independent of each other.  They are not required to follow each other, do the same moves, etc.  They should, however, take into account what the other group is doing and attempt to complement each other so that the two formations are making one cohesive piece of dance art.


Either leader may cue into a circle w/ the standard circle cue.

  • Response: The group on stage left begins their circle away from the audience (toward the chorus ) and to stage right; the group on stage right begins their circle toward the audience (away from the chorus) and to stage left).  The 3-step turn is passed from the leader who cued it to their follower(s) then to the other leader and then their followers (as should the movement of the circle).  If there are only 4 members, they may then go into formation if they wish; otherwise, they should go back to chorus after circling.