This movement is part of the Shambling Shimmies Level 2 vocabulary.


Classification:  Slow

Basic Cue:

Cued out of Body Roll.  2 repetitions of Body Roll w/ arms in standard position, look down and slowly begin roll up.

Variations:  None.


  • Follow movement of Reverse Body Roll w/ your eyes all the way out through the extension of the final pose.
  • The final pose is not too far off from the cue for a torso rotation, which can be a nice way to move back into center for other movements.
  • Since the movement is very slow, it is also easy to move into various poses from the ending pose of the hairball combo.
  • This move can also be cued by the current leader whenever the formation is facing away from the front.  This can be used to take advantage of situations where there is a group of people in the audience off to one side, for example.