Shambling Shimmies L2 Group Vocabulary


Classification:  Fast

Basic Cue:

Bring arms into second (nice and high and curved, palms down/back), body angled to left.  Step forward (flat) w/ ¾ shimmy.


  • Turns
    • ¼ turns… cue w/ head turn (optional double yip), one set of ¼ turns to sides (arms facing sides, body facing corners)
    • ½ turns… cue w/ ‘yip’ on ‘1’ and bring each hand all the way in to chest, 2 sets of ½ turns
  •             Teenager
    • Cue by bringing arms down to sides on ‘1’


  • Timing – 4 count move (Teenager variation = 16 count move)
  • Zill Pattern – Standard Gallop/Longa (RLR) on the downbeat
  • Zill Pattern / Move Timing Broken Down –
1   &   2   &   3   &   4   &  
R   R L R   R L R   R L R   R L
R foot Fwd L foot (in place) R food Back L foot (in place)