This movement is part of the Shambling Shimmies  level 2 vocabulary.


Classification:  Slow

Basic Cue:  Arms in 2nd, at least 1 floreo, then down to one hand in front (in first) and one behind.


  • The first time this move is cued from the front it is cued normally which cues a half turn only and transfers the lead to the back, who can now cue whatever moves they wish while facing backwards until they are ready to come back around to face front which is done with the same Basic Cue.
  • The second time (optional) this move is cued from the front it cues a full turn.
  • After both a half turn and a full turn have been cued, if the move were cued again, it would start over at a half turn.


During this turn, the body stays straight up and down (no leaning into the turn) and you do not rise onto your toes (i.e. your head should stay in one place throughout the turn sort of as if someone was grabbing you by the head and twisting you around by it.)