This week in the all level class class we went over the Torso Rotation and Arabic Chest Drop.


Basic Cue: Reach left arm out at an angle (chest height).


  • None in level 1.


  • Be sure that the back portion of this move is a standing cobra, not a chest slide back, a layback, or a backbend.
  • In future levels a backbend may be added to the standing cobra, but not in level 1, and even when backbends do start to be added, the initial arch of the upper back from the standing cobra position MUST happen first and fully.


Basic Cue:

  • Start from standard Arabic.
  • During flat portion of Arabic (which will be first downbeat of Arabic Chest Drop), bring arms down palms down (instead of palms up as usual) and come down harder than usual.

Cue back to Arabic:

  • On downbeat (which will be Flat portion of Arabic) Flip palms back to palms up and come down lighter than for Arabic Chest Drop.


  • None

Timing Notes:

Our timing for the Arabic Chest Drop is given below (this may be different from other tribes you have seen or worked with).

Beat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Move Flat Ball Flat Ball Flat Drop Drop Drop