Hello again everyone!  Here’s the handout from the 3rd session in the first part of the level 1 tribal format belly dance class.

Reach and Lean Combo

Basic Cue: Center, plunge left arm straight down, palm flat down, bring right arm straight up palm flat down while rising onto toes. Strive to hit the full pose with the 1, which means that the cue should be given a bit before the end of a measure.


  • Live music – This movement also cues musicians familiar in the format to switch to slow music.
  • The downbeat of the first measure of the new tempo should ideally time w/ or immediately after the right arm reaching its top pose.

Hip Drop with Kick

Basic Cue: Body turns right side towards audience. Left arm in 5th position, right arm down and behind hip.


  • Hip Drop / Kick: Cue to add the kick w/ a yip. Yip again to go back to just the hip drop.
  • Turning (with the hip drop / kick): Cue w/ a head turn.  This is a gradual turn – lead passes around formation for timing.